I will be forever grateful to Tracy for helping me to see that we always have choices. I never imagined I could get out of my situation but Tracy helped me to see things differently and to believe that I was strong enough to bring about a change that has hugely benefitted my family. Thank you.
I was a Year 11 pupil struggling to attend school after an illness. Tracy quickly clicked with me and made me feel at ease and gave me some much needed honest help.
Fantastic counselling service, the first time I have been, so was very nervous. However Tracy was really friendly and has helped me through with several traumatic events in my life by listening to me, and helping to find some new ways to understand, so that I can accept that my life is what it is, and finally having hope going forward... Tracy communicates well, even though I have a hearing problem, would recommend Tracy.
Tracy has a fabulous knack of creating the right environment for you to get to the core of the issue yourself. There is no pressure, but by skilfully asking the pertinent questions she naturally leads you to discover the hub of the problem. I would recommend Tracy’s help to anyone having issues in their lives.
Talking through my problems with an outsider helped me to see things from a different perspective. It broke the thought cycle I had been going over and over in my mind which I had been unable to resolve. I now feel much less troubled and much more myself.
I contacted Tracy when I was feeling very emotional and confused. Chatting things through has helped me to find some clarity and to feel more normal again.
I always left my counselling sessions feeling so much better for discussing things out loud and everything was clearer and more positive. It also helped me to have the confidence to go for a promotion at work which I got.
Tracy offers a warm welcome and a relaxed environment for a much needed ‘chat’. Tracy is a wonderful listener who I completely trust. She is patient and compassionate but constructively challenging when she needs to be. I am really pleased to have met her and highly recommend her.
Counselling has helped my wife and me to talk about our problems and find a way to move forward.
So easy to talk to, Tracy has helped me deal with several of life’s challenges.
Following a nasty personal attack I was anxious and emotional; counselling has helped me to deal with the event and to be able to go out again.
Tracy is a great listener, analytical, compassionate (without being sentimental), trustworthy and a very kind person. 
Tracy made me feel at ease immediately so it was like talking to a friend.
I turned to Tracy for support when my 6 counselling appointments with an NHS therapist came to a very quick end. I was going through a particularly difficult and complex time in my life. I took too long to reach out for help. Desperation had well and truly set in and as my relationship with my family was so fraught, I found myself turning to friends and expecting them to shoulder my outbursts. I could see this was wrong and I risked losing friends because of it. I needed a non-judgemental, calm listener who would keep everything in perspective and help me find a more constructive path through my troubles. I found that with Tracy. For anyone who finds themselves in difficult times I would say reach out for help, don’t suffer in silence as I did, and I would highly recommend Tracy to help you get your life back on track as she did with me.